We have a laying flock that consists of Industrial Leghorns and Non-Industrial Leghorns. The Non-Industrials come in two varieties both light and dark brown, we own the light brown variety. They are under the "recovering" category with the Livestock Conservancy. With these two leghorn breeds we are working to create the perfect sustainable farm bird for our flock. We are currently in the third generation of this new bird. We are attempting to take the most favorable traits of both varieties (industrial and non-industrial) and put them into one bird.  As of the completion of 2023 our cross is head to head with the industry standard for production, all while being forage fed and retaining heritage traits.  This was the goal of our 5th generation and has been achieved in the 3rd!  We are super excited to be offering started pullets again in 2024! 

We have a standard Cochin flock that we use for education and preservation. They are also under the "recovering" category. 

You can purchase fresh eggs from our flock at the farm stand.

Our Flock