Farm Stand

We have a seasonal farm stand at 257 Snake Meadow Hill Rd Sterling, CT.  It is open during the spring, summer, and fall months from 10am-4pm.  Starting December, the stand will only be open on Saturdays from 10am-4pm.  You can find our soaps, fresh eggs, dog treats, jams, and a variety of vegetables throughout the year.

Whole Geese

We now have whole geese available for purchase!  Our Cotton Patch Geese are raised on a variety of grasses, forages, and only supplemented with grains.  We have 6lb geese still available for purchase.   The perfect center piece for your Christmas table, or just a Tuesday evening!

Message us to reserve your goose today!

$10 per lb

Farm Tours

We are excited to now be offering tours of our farm!  This has been a goal for a few years now, and we can't wait to see you all!  Take a look behind the scenes and learn what we do to farm sustainably.  During tours you will learn about the methods and equipment we use, and meet the animals that call Country Critters Farm home.  Tours by appointment only.  To schedule a tour please email us at .  We are currently offering tours Fridays and Saturdays.  Tours are $10 per person.

Cottage Bakery

Our cottage bakery is run on an order basis.  Once an order is placed pick up is either the next Friday or Saturday at the farm stand. All items are baked fresh with eggs from our laying flock.

Order at the link below for local pick up:

Orders must be placed before Thursday to be picked up on Saturday.  After the order is placed you will receive an invoice in your email with a link for payment.  

Goat Milk Soap

Our goat milk soap starts with our happy and healthy herd of Nigerian Dwarf goats.  We have many different scents that can be found on our Etsy shop or at the farm stand.

Etsy Shop: 

For local pick up:          Visit us at the Farmstand!

Cider's Sensitive Stomach Dog Treats

Don't forget your furry friends!  We have a line of dog treats made with peanut butter, because who doesn't love peanut butter?!  These treats also have goats milk which is rich and high in vitamins and minerals.  Goats milk has high levels of probiotics that assist with gut health and digestion making it perfect for pups with sensitive stomachs like our Cider boy!

Dehydrated Dog Treats

We offer a variety of dehydrated treats for your furry friends!  From goose gizzard, heart, and liver, to venison heart and liver.  These nutritious treats are all natural.  Nothing but the best for our friends!

Sheep Milk Soap

We have a selection of scents to choose from.  Our sheep milk soap is made in old fashion batches for the best quality!  Sheep milk has a slightly higher nutritional value over goats milk.  We are super excited to be working with a new product.

Our soaps can be found on our Etsy shop!


We are now offering Country Critters Farm beanies and sweatshirts!

Visit our Etsy shop to purchase

Or for local pick up visit us at the stand!

Poultry Sales

We are offering fertile hatching eggs from our critically endangered Dutch Hookbill stock this year!  Eggs are $3.00 each.  Shipping is dependent on location.  Availability is limited once they start their spring laying so place your order now!  

This year we are excited to be offering our own line of laying hens!  This have been a four year project for us and we are excited to finally be sharing the results with you all!  Statistics can be provided upon request.  Higher production with less intake, while retaining heritage qualities such as fertility and foraging ability!  We have hatching eggs, chicks, and pullets that will be available starting in March/April.

Our Cotton Patch geese are a rare heritage breed.  We are excited to continue offering this amazing breed to aspiring conservationists and farmers.  Offering hatching eggs at $6.00 each, goslings $50.00 (availability pending), and juveniles stock will be available later summer by order only at $100.00 each.

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