Hope was our first horse on the farm.  I had known her for years prior as my lesson horse.  After a few years off of riding she came up for sale and I decided to go back and take her home for good!

This sweet lady can be found for a couple of days every summer at Fairholm Farm's Kids Camp, or you can snuggle this lovely lady on a farm tour.

Pete is our resident trouble maker!  If you dare to leave a gate unlatched you are sure to find him up the road.  

Pete is in training for cart driving and we hope to offer rides soon!

Arizona is the start of our equine breeding program here on the farm!  On June 6th, 2023 we welcomed this filly all the way from Alberta, CA!  Thank you to Northern Horse Transport for getting her here safely!

Suffolk Punch horses are considered critically endangered globally and we could not be more excited to have had the opportunity to bring some of these rare genetics all the way from Canada to New England!