Nigerian Dwarf Goats

We have a small herd of Nigerians on the farm.  We show them at local shows with the goal to improve show quality.  Not only do we aim for show goats but also to breed healthy goats that need limited supplementing.  Nigerians were once considering a threatened heritage breed until 2013 when they were taken off of the Livestock Conservancy Priority List.  Heritage breeds are known for their hardiness, parasite resistance, and fertility.  With these traits in mind we aim to create a show quality animals with these traits present.  We are proud members of the American Goat Society and the American Dairy Goat Association.   Thanks to a grant from Farm Credit East we are now able to attempt AI (artificial insemination).  We are excited to have retained our first AI doeling!

Senior Does

Country Critters Farm J Corona


Dam: Country Critters Farm F Daisey

Sire: Dragonfly A River Jordan


Champion Junior Doe Hebron Harvest Fair 2021

Best Doe In Show Hebron Harvest Fair 2023

Corona is bred for April kids sired by SUNNYDALE FARM MH NADIR.

1 doe to be retained/1 reservation open

2 wether reservations open

Country Critters Farm Q Karina

Dam: Country Critters Farm J Corona

Sire: Agape's Prize Sulaymaan Quinn

This little doe is our first AI kid on the farm and we cannot wait to see how she matures!

Karina is bred for March kids via AI to OLD MOUNTAIN

FARM M BOLD N.  We are super excited with her F1 udder development!


Karina kidded with a single buckling on 3/21.  

Junior Does

Retired Does

Kingdom Kids F Grace

Dam: Misty Highland Farm April
Sire: Phoenix Rising Farm AI Frankie

Kingdom Kids F Belle

Dam: Kingdom Kids W Bambi

Sire: Phoenix Rising Farm AI Frankie


Dam: Willow
Sire: Phoenix Rising Farm AI Frankie


Kingdom Kids F Louis

Louis is our only wether on the farm.  He travels with us to all of our fairs to educate people and get them engaged.  He can be found competing in pet, cart in harness, obstacle, pack, and trick classes.  Afterwards he sticks around to shake fair goer's hands... quite literally!


Country Critters Farm F Daisey


Dam: Kingdom Kids F Grace

Sire: West End DBL Fury

Champion Junior Doe at Hebron Harvest Fair 2018

Champion Junior Doe at Durham Fair 2019

Honorable Mention Senior Doe Hebron Harvest Fair 2021