Country Critters Wildlife Rehabilitation

CCWR was founded in 2023 with a vision of harmonious living between nature and agriculture.  Our rehab focuses on semi-aquatic mammals including muskrats, beavers, and otters, as well as turtles.  Our passion for sustainability includes the wildlife we live alongside.  What better way to educate and prove it's possible, than to be the living example!

What to do if you find injured or orphaned wildlife?

Please contact a local rehabber immediately!  Often times the situation is not all that it seems to be, and it may just need a trained eye to determine the best course of action.

We are always on call at 860-315-4177.  If we don't pick up right away please try again in ten minutes as the line may be busy.

Email us at

Wildlife Rehabilitation is not state funded, and as such runs strictly off of donations from the public

Wrist bands are $1 each

All proceeds go directly into the care of our patients!

Donations can be made directly to our GoFundMe account

These travel mugs come with a straw for your convenience on the road.  What's even better?  If you find injured wildlife on your travels and you can't recall our number..... its right there on your mug!  $25 each

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