We have other critters on the farm that are too special not to talk about!


We have a failed livestock guardian dog named Georgi.  She is a Karakachan which is a rare breed that originates in Bulgaria where they are know as the "Bulgarian Bear dogs".  The name Georgi is a male Bulgarian name that means "earth worker" or "farmer", but we felt it fit her perfectly!

This girl might not be an LGD but she is a great farm pup!

Great Pyrenees

We have two livestock guardians on the farm!  Zeus and Denali are half siblings from a farm in Ohio.  These two are the best pups we could ever ask for to guard our livestock and poultry.  They are always eager to greet visitors at the gate!


Hopper is the Lionhead that started the entire farm back in 2013 and is the rabbit pictured here.

Our rabbitry is currently empty, but we have plans for starting up again in 2024.

Dutch Hookbill Ducks

We have Dutch Hookbill ducks as our preservation flock.  They are a critically endangered breed that originated in the Netherlands.  If you are interested in starting your own flock feel free to get in touch!

Barn Cats

We have a few barn cats that create some amusement around here.  They keep the rodent population down in the farm yard and greet visitors at the gate!