Our goal is to produce show quality animals with show quality fleeces.  Shetland sheep are a heritage breed listed as "recovering" with the Livestock Conservancy's Priority List.  We are proud members of the North American Shetland Sheepbreeders Association.  In the summer of 2022 we will began offering fiber products and fleeces!  We had the exciting opportunity to purchase some Shetland Sheep semen from the United Kingdom in 2022.  While we might not have had a successful AI in 2022, we had two ewes settle to AI in the fall of 2023 and are impatiently waiting on lambs in February 2024!


Dam: Wildair Nellie

AKA 'The Toungeless Wonder'

Hazel had an accident at her previous home that resulted in the loss of her tongue.  She doesn't let that stop her though!

Wild Air Nellie

NASSA registered

Nellie is the head honcho in our flock.  She is a musket double coated Shetland.

Nellie is bred to Wadley Oberon for February lambs.  This is an exciting UK out cross to a gorgeous white ram!

Nellie had a white ewe lamb and we could not be more happy!  RETAINED


Dam: Wildair Nellie

Sire: Alchemy Kash

Bex attended the 2023 All American Junior Sheep Show and we could not be more proud of how she handled herself!

Breed Fleece - Reserve Champion

Yearling Ewe Shetland - Honorable Mention

Bex is bred to Wadley Peregrine for February lambs.  This is a UK outcross to a moorit ram with a spectacular fleece!

Bex lambed with a gorgeous ewe lamb and we are so excited to see how her fleece comes in!  RETAINED

Gretchen + Hollister

These two are our education animals.  Gretchen is the white lamb and Hollister is the black lamb (wether).  These two are Shetland/Babydoll crosses born in February of 2020.  They will be used to teach about genetics and how different traits are passed down such as color and horned/polled.

You can meet these two during one of our Shearing the Experiences or during a farm tour!

Reference Shetlands

CCF Euphemia

Dam: Wildair Nellie

Sire: Alchemy Fitz
NASSA Registered
Euphemia, or Effie, is one of the first two lambs to be born on the farm.  Effie has a shaela fleece color.  In 2022 she made her way to New Jersey to join a new flock.